Thank you for your interest in Chummie

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Theos Medical Systems for the Chummie Bedwetting Alarm Treatment System.

The Chummie Store Volume Purchase Program allows healthcare facilities and healthcare institutions to purchase all items in the Chummie Store in volume and distribute them to patients, children and adults who wet the bed and need to stay dry at night.

How to Enroll

It’s quick and easy to set up your organization for the Chummie store volume purchasing. First, designate yourself or someone else in your organization as the Program Manager. Then you can sign up Program Facilitators, which will allow them to make purchases.

If your institution is tax exempt, you will not be charged sales tax. The Chummie store volume purchasing program also allows us to offer offer special pricing and discount for purchases of 20 or more Chummie Bedwetting Alarms.

To get started, please complete the online form and click Submit. Theos Medical Systems selects partners based on corporate guidelines. All information requested on the Sign Up Form is required and will remain confidential.

We offer special pricing for non-profits, hospitals and children’s clinics.

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