Bed wetting is common and treatable

Are you worried that bed wetting is a situation peculiar to your child only? Well, relax because there are 5 to 7 million other kids in the United States who wet their beds. Bed wetting is stressful, but also a very common and treatable childhood problem. Research shows that after age 5 about 15% of children continue to wet the …


What Causes Bedwetting in Adults?

Bedwetting in adults is quite common. Healthline.com reports that about 2 percent of adults suffer from bed wetting. Unlike children for who bed wetting is normal part of development, for adults it may be a cause of underlying illness. Some of the causes for bedwetting in adults include the following: Diabetes Small Bladder size Medication side effect Overactive Bladder Neurological …

Bed-wetting: Don't miss sleepovers - Chummie Bedwetting Blog

Bed-Wetting: Don’t Miss Sleepovers

Summer time means fun and holidays for kids. There are a many activities in the summers such as camping, sleepovers and not to mention going on vacations with the family. Unfortunately, many bed-wetting children often feel discouraged to participate in these activities for the fear of being teased by peers. Children should not be worrying at a time that is …


Bed-Wetting in Special Needs Children

Bed-wetting is a stressful childhood situation for any child, and perhaps it is more challenging for special needs children. However, bed-wetting is common and treatable. There are many treatment options that can help a special needs child to overcome bed-wetting. One of the ways of stopping bed-wetting in special needs children is to use  a bed-wetting alarm at night. These alarms use …

Bedwetting and Constipation

How is Constipation and Bedwetting Connected?

Many studies show that constipation and bedwetting in children are interconnected. When a child is not able to pass stool and clear his or her rectum, the full bowel encroaches upon the bladder, reducing its capacity to control urine. A child may be constipated even if he or she passes stool of normal consistency every day.