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Chummie Potty Training Urinal for Boys (Pee Trainer)

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Chummie Potty Training Urinal for Boys (Pee Trainer)

Product Features

  • No need to for your child to stand up on a step stool to urinate. The Chummie Potty Urinal fits in any bathroom and can be installed in just a couple of minutes as per to the height you choose with our easy to install step-wise directions. This height can be adjusted as your child grows.
  • The extra-high capacity bowl helps avoid splatter and spills. This easy bowl can be simply removed quickly cleaned and placed back in seconds. Our revolutionary ‘Carry on the Go !!!’ feature makes the urinal accessible whenever needed.
  • All Chummie products are engineered to provide superior results coupled with ease of use and flexibility. Our superior technology provides added form and function. Our revolutionary “Better Technology for Faster Result” is built-in to each and every sleek, California designed frame.


Product Description

The Chummie Potty Training Urinal for Boys (Pee Trainer) ensures the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction backed by our live support team. The Chummie Potty Urinal Retail Package includes: One (1) Potty Training Urinal One (1) Plastic Pallets Three (3) 3M Super Suction Cups Three (3) Expansion Nails Three (3) Screws.

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Weight 14.00 lbs
Dimensions 4.00 x 10.00 x 6.50 in
Warranty Information

1 year manufacturers limited warranty.


Usually ships in 2 business day.

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