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Chummie Reversible Protective Waterproof Bedding

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Reversible Waterproof Bedding comes in 2 sizes, each with two 18 inch wings on either side for easy tuck-in

Product Features

  • The Chummie® Reversible Waterproof Bedding Overlay comes in 2 sizes – 34″ x 36″ and 54″ x 36″, both with wings (tuck-ins). The reversible bedding is ideal or adult and bedwetting children who suffer from heavy bedwetting. The waterproof bedding overlay will also protect the bed from urine, sweat and liquid spills
  • The Chummie Reversible Waterproof Bedding Overlay comprises of a waterproof layer sandwiched between two compressed cotton layers. Either side can be used at night without having to worry about a wet bed
  • Reversible bedding provided additional comfort and convenience compared to regular quilted bedding because they can hold more urine, are more lightweight and more durable
  • Machine washable over 300 times and dries quickly. Cotton fibers can absorb and hold up to 6 (Six) cups for maximum protection which is almost twice the capacity of a most overlays and much more than what an adult bladder can hold
  • Good for your wallet, good for the environment. The Chummie Reversible Waterproof Bedding Overlay is marketed by Chummie, a leader in bedwetting and toilet training products. All Chummie products ensure the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction backed by our support team.


Product Description

The Chummie Reversible Waterproof Bedding Overlay is designed for heavy bedwetters and those wet frequently including children, teens and adults. The compressed cotton fibers provide a unique combination of softness and absorption.


Our Reversible Waterproof Bedding Overlay has been made using compressed cotton which will absorb up to 6 cups of urine
Wings will tuck in below the mattress for a secure grip and will not move or slip at night


6 Cups of high performance absorbency while still maintaining the breath ability of the fabric
Two large 18 inch wing flaps on either side to keep the tuck in place for a goodnight sleep
Reversible so you can change sides int he middle of the night
Ultra-comfortable, soft and gentle enough even for most skin types
Additional protection from accidental spills, stains and perspiration
Lightweight, can be easily rolled up to store away

When purchased with the Chummie family of bedwetting alarms, we recommend two Reversible Waterproof Bedding Overlay’s be purchased so your child can replace a wet pad should they have an accident. We are proud of the high quality of this product and will replace it if manufacturing defects appear within 12 months of the date of purchase.

Weight 1 lbs


Material Information

Upper material – Cotton
Fill material – Waterproof barrier
Bottom material – Cotton

Special Instructions

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Machine wash warm, tumble dry medium heat and remove promptly.

Warranty Information

1 year manufacturers limited warranty.

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