Chummie is Doctor Recommended to Stop Bedwetting

The Chummie bedwetting alarm treatment system is clinically proven to stop primary nocturnal enuresis in children and deep sleepers. Chummie’s bright lights – loud sound – strong vibration technology helps awaken even deep sleepers overcome bedwetting. The revolutionary One Drop Detection IntelliFlex sensor has a urine detection area significantly larger than clip sensors and will not poke your child at night.

Early urine detection will result in waking up your child sooner and this means less wet beds! Parents love Chummie and children find it easy to set up and program. Plus only Chummie provides Active Guard Monitoring and Enhanced Safety Plus microprocessor enhanced technology.

Top 5 reasons Chummie is doctor recommended

  • Often recommended as the first line of treatment by pediatric urologists
  • High treatment success with no side effects
  • FDA registered, FSA eligible, CE certified
  • Thousands of children have stopped wetting the bed with a Chummie
  • Awesome customer support.

Through the Chummie Assistance Program, patients with a doctors prescription can get 20% off their purchase of a Chummie bedwetting alarm available at the Chummie Store. If you would like to request a brochure, free sample or have one of our knowledgeable specialists contact you, please fill the form below.