Diapers for Bedwetting

Can my child still wear PullUps Diapers at night?

Yes, however, diapers or waterproof pants must be worn over underwear. Diapers are waterproof. The IntelliFlex sensor must be placed on the outside of regular fabric underwear that moisture can permeate in order to trigger it right away upon wetting.

While night diapers help protect the bed, the vast majority of pediatricians and nurses feel that night diapers should not be worn because they “give the wrong message” that it is okay to wet at night and not get up and use the toilet.

Should my child also take medicine for bedwetting while doing alarm treatment?

Some doctors do not recommend using medication at all because of medication side effects . Also, medication only helps temporarily while it is taken. It doesn’t do anything to help address the cause of bedwetting, which is how the child’s brain responds to the body’s bladder signal.

Most doctors say it’s ok if your child wants to take bedwetting medicine for a special occasion, such as a sleepover, to help prevent bedwetting.

However, on normal nights at home, it’s much better to just let the bladder function normally and use the alarm by itself, and get right to treating the real source of the bedwetting by teaching the child’s brain how to respond to the full bladder signal.

Do bladder exercises help?

There is no evidence to support the idea that forcing a child to “hold it” to experience discomfort or try to stretch their bladder will help them stop wetting at night. Also, this practice could be psychologically damaging and cause voiding dysfunction later in life.