Bedwetting Alarm Settings

Which Chummie bedwetting alarm settings should I try first?

You may choose any tone you wish. Turn the volume to the loudest setting. Turn vibration on.

Can I use both the sound and vibration together?

Yes. In fact, it’s best to start the treatment with both sound and vibration. Gradually, as your child starts having dry nights, you can turn off the vibration. If your child does not wake up to the alarm one night, add the vibration again.

The vibration only option (discreet mode) should be used only when quiet is absolutely necessary, such as when your child is at a sleepover.

Which volume level should I try first?

Always start treatment at the highest volume. The lower volume should be used only once your child has started having several dry nights in a row.

Will the alarm be more effective at higher volumes?

The high volume is more effective at start of the treatment. As treatment is progressing, and the child’s brain is learning to wake on its own, the alarm should be set at a lower volume.

Is the loudest volume setting safe for my child’s hearing?

Yes, Chummie’s loudest setting is still within the safe range.

Note: Beware of some competitors’ alarms, which have volume loud enough that may cause hearing damage!

Why are there different tones? Is it so I can choose the one my child likes best?

Having a variety of different tones available helps to prevent auditory accommodation – the child “getting used to” the sound of a tone and beginning to ignore/sleep through it. We recommend that you change tones each night.

Which tone is most effective?

All tones are equally effective.

Why is there a vibration option?

Chummie gives you the option to turn off the sound and use lights and vibration only. We call this the ‘discreet option’, because it enables the child to use the alarm without others knowing when it goes off. The discreet option should be used when the child is away at sleepovers and camp.

Can we use the vibration option by itself all the time?

On normal nights at home, we recommend using the vibration together with the sound for maximum waking power.