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Bed-wetting: Can Routines Help?

A simple, but a consistent routine can be helpful for bed-wetting children. Here are few tips that can help you establish and follow a routine.

In the Morning
On waking up every morning encourage your child to use the toilet first thing in the morning to ensure bladder is completely empty.

During the day
Motivate your bed-wetting child to drink more fluids during the day—about an ounce per pound per day. Make a plan. For e.g. have your child drink a glass of water say after brush time, and then at breakfast offer milk, homemade juice or a smoothie and remind your child to have water at regular intervals when at school.

• After School
Caffeinated drinks such colas, hot cocoa, chocolate (yes, chocolate has caffeine), coffee, tea are diuretic, which means they increase the production of urine, which results in bed-wetting. It is best to offer these drinks in early afternoon when children return from school and avoid them as much as possible before bedtime.

Restrict fluid-intake at least 2 hours before the bed time. However, make sure that your child is not dehydrated or uncomfortably thirsty.

At dinner table
Food is known to bring people closer. Well, use dinner to connect with your child to understand if he or she was facing any social dilemmas because of bed-wetting. However, don’t make dinner a ‘bed-wetting talk time.’

Set a bed time
Encourage your child to go to bed every night at nearly the same time. This will help you establish a specific time to have your child void each night before going to bed. Well, we are not saying that you follow a militant regime, but, yes keep it as consistent as possible.

Tracking Progress
If your child is using a treatment option like bed-wetting alarm, setting a regular bed time will be beneficial as you can start monitoring your child’s nightly routine and maintain a journal in which you can track the times alarms went off since your child went to bed.