Chummie Bed Wetting Alarms now selling on

Santa Clara, CA, Feb 23, 2015 – Theos Medical System, a leader in incontinence solutions, announced that its award winning products Chummie Bedw etting Alarms are now selling on

Chummie Premium is a wired alarm that comes with a reusable, easy-to-clean moisture sensitive sensor, made of silicone and with a patent pending one drop detection technology, which senses wetness from the very first drop of urine. It is recommended for children four and above and those who do not want to attach wires on their body.

Chummie Pro offers an equally effective bed wetting treatment through its thin, comfortable and durable IntelliFlex Mat that can be easily placed under the bed sheet and attached to the alarm unit on the bed side. The Mat detects the urine from the very first drop and triggers the alarm. Chummie Pro is ideal for adults as well as children 10 years+, children with special needs and for any child who would prefer to use a bed-side alarm.

Both products are micro-processor controlled and clinically proven to stop bed wetting within a few weeks. Bed wetting alarms have been around from many years, but with Chummie, you can achieve dryness much faster because its one drop detection technology is at work even when you sleep.

About Chummie

The Chummie alarm system has stopped bed wetting in many children who suffer from primary nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting). Chummie is a doctor-recommended bed wetting alarm system that stops bed wetting in children just in a few weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of a medication, with no side effects. For more information about Chummie, visit

About Theos Medical Systems

Theos Medical Systems develops and markets portable, battery-operated alarms. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Theos Medical Systems currently has offices in U.S., Canada and Hong Kong.