Chummie Bed-Wetting Alarm Registration has its benefits!

Congratulations on purchasing your new Chummie Bed-wetting alarm! We want you to enjoy your purchase to the fullest, and that starts with a few easy registration steps below.

  • Proof of Ownership – Create a record in case your product is damaged or misplaced
  • No More Searching – Access all your product manuals, and warranty information in one easy-to-access online location (coming soon).
  • Receive Notifications – You’ll be notified of the latest product updates, bed-wetting alarm product releases and improvements to get the most out of your Chummie product.
  • Exclusive Money Saving Coupons – Join a program packed with all the things you want the most from Chummie bed-wetting alarm. Get exclusive money-saving coupons join the Chummie bed-wetting alarm mailing list.

By taking just a few minutes to register, you can improve your experience with the Chummie Bed-wetting alarm and enjoy more efficient support, product support alerts, and more.